Patrick Bartkus

I am a Jesus Follower and a Ministry Support Techie.

I'm an avid videographer and techie.

I desire to help people Tell the STORY of their short-term mission trip on YouTube.

Patrick Bartkus

Resume of Skills

Over the course of my career I've aquired a number of skills and experiences and wisdom.


You get wisdom from experience.
You get experience from screwing up.
I've done a lot of that.

Sense of Humor

What? Me worry?

Customer Service

We aim to please our customers. We communicate fully and continously to help you know where we stand in the process

Family and Friends
Tech Support

No question or problem is too "simple" or "stupid." We will do our best to help as much as we can.

Unique Personality

We will provide the best help we can within our constraint of time and space.

Skills and Talents

  1. Patience - we go at your speed.
  2. Photographer - we can capture the essence of the moment.
  3. Programmer - we program in everything from Python, PHP, Perl, Java, to COBOL


Infrequently contributions



Follow my personal adventures of Follwing Jesus.


Story Productions

We help you tell your story.


Las Vegas, NV 89123


Phone: 678.386.1559

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